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Amidst the uncertainty, every market dip presents an opportunity and Trading Central is here to help your investing customers navigate these troubled waters.
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As a truly one-stop-shop for investment decision support, Trading Central has everything you need to reach your customers during uncertain times. Our automated AI analytics are constantly monitoring the market with 24H coverage of over 72,000 instruments globally, while our team of global analysts are here to put it all in context. Today, millions of investors across the globe trust our tools to manage their risk, time their entry/exit points and identify the diamonds in the rough.


Our user-friendly technologies make it simple to integrate our insightful analytics within the tools your team is already using, making it easy to reach your investors in the moments that matter.

Create countless opportunities for discovery and to establish brand trust, by maintaining a constant stream of helpful outreach. Distribute actionable insights like emerging trade ideas and short market news videos through the social channels your investors frequent like Twitter, Facebook, WeChat and more!
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Cut out all the "noise" overwhelming investors online.

Our proprietary A.I., natural language processing, machine learning algorithms and sentiment indicators solve for the "infobesity" online, enabling investors to focus on what's really important.

Tools like TC Market Buzz and Crowd Insight, streamline the countless hours of content sifting to inform investors of what they need to know: What the crowd thinks about a particular instrument, its trending topics, how media coverage relates to price and more! Meanwhile, our concise WebTV videos deliver the key market updates, price movement and trending corporate news!



Help investors "stay the course" and avoid common behavioural pitfalls like panic selling with the helpful support of our research team! Well familiar with chart patterns and market psychology, TC analysts are here to pin-point price movement, identify trends and provide approachable education to facilitate confident trade decisions. Instill confidence with routine customer touch points on market activity through modern channels like e-newsletters, short-format videos, and articles!
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Help your customers form investment strategies poised for success and find top-performing stocks at a base-bargain price, with tools like fundamental value, momentum analysis, economic events.  Meanwhile, our patented pattern recognition helps identify unbiased, emerging opportunities and manage risk through personalized alerts and stop levels!

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