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What is TC Market Buzz?

Powered by Trading Central Labs' natural language processing and artificial intelligence, TC Market Buzz helps today’s traders find the most relevant content for them and analyze how popular news is shaping the market. It aggregates unique, quality content from the world’s most trusted media brands and bloggers to provide a simple, intuitive view of trending topics. For publishers, Buzz presents the unique opportunity to extend your reach to a new readership with little to no effort.

It's easy for your investors to keep an eye on their portfolio or instruments of interest with unlimited watchlists!

Most Discussed Topics

Enable customers to follow the discussion easily with a ranking of the top discussion topics for every financial instrument.

News Orientation

Give a unique perspective with our concise view of if the crowd sentiment is positive, negative or neutral.

Web Authority

Make sorting for credible and substantial sources a breeze with Buzz's web authority indicator.

Buzz Meter & Split

Enable customers to explore how much "buzz" an instrument is attracting and how this is split across social and news spheres.

Interactive charts

Buzz makes it easy to analyze how news sentiment and volume may be impacting an instrument's price.

Why integrate your content?

Monetise your content

With every article opened through Buzz. We show only previews of your content and users are redirected to your website to read the entire article, so the traffic is all yours, with no revenue share.

Turnkey Integration

Harnesses your RSS feed to create a continuous feed of content previews within Buzz with no effort on your part!

Grow your readership

Through a cooperation with the world’s leading brokerages and trading platforms, Buzz supplies you with a continuously growing engaged readership searching for relevant content.
While Trading Central's powerful automated natural language processors are busy crunching thousands of articles in the background, the output is simple, approachable and actionable. Here's a quick look at just a few of the great analytics available to your investors when you give them Buzz:
Buzz Meter: The volume of chatter on an asset.
The Split of professional news to social mentions.
Ranking of the "Most discussed topics".
Content feeds collecting recent discussions.
Buzz isn’t just informative— It’s visually stunning. Its cutting edge design and mobile friendly layout is a perfect fit for your platform or mobile app and can help you offer dynamic experiences that rival the online expectations set by other industries. With TC Market Buzz, your customers gain so much more than just the numbers. They get interactive data visualizations proven to stimulate engagement and increase session duration by as much as 65% (Honeybooks) !
TC Market Buzz is available within a variety of hosted, responsive, white-labeled solutions, as well as a developer-friendly API, so you can expedite your launch while crafting a unique experience for your investors with our data.
Asset coverage: Over 35,000 stocks, 50 indices, 330 forex pairs, and 60 commodities.
Event detection: More than 300 types of events such as earnings, dividend, and price movement.
Media coverage: 2,500+ news publications, 2,000+ blogs and social media channels, and Dow Jones Newswires.
Languages: Currently available in English & French.

Is your content ready?

Here are some quick guidelines on technical and journalistic standards required for a successful Buzz integration.
RSS Requirements
Journalistic standards
Content Structure
TC Labs was founded on the principle that there is too much complex data online with an insufficient amount of support to help your investors make sense of it. Our mission is to continually rethink wealth management and improve how today’s investors consume data, by creating concise analytics that are simple to understand and easy to apply to investment strategies.

We're a fintech start-up dedicated to creating the innovation we want to see in today's financial markets. Our ideas are bold and fresh, but backed by the two decades of experience brought by industry leader Trading Central.
Trading Central has been successfully supporting investment decisions through innovation since 1999. Their dynamic product suite combines expert analyst research with patented pattern recognition to offer 24H coverage of virtually every financial instrument. Today, their products are deployed through the world's leading online brokerage platforms and over 60 million investors trust their insightful analytics to help them find, validate and time their trades. Learn more about Trading Central.

Their "TC Labs" division was founded in 2019 to rethink wealth management and improve how today’s investors consume data, by creating concise analytics that are simple to understand and easy to apply to investment strategies. Their work explores how artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing can contribute to new actionable, predictive analytics. Learn more about Trading Central Labs.

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