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Real time news for financial professionals

Moody's Analytics and Trading Central have partnered together to provide Moody’s Analytics NewEdge™ Feed solution to Trading Central’s AI newsdesk TC Market Buzz, delivering relevant, reliable news to market professionals.
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Tackling information overload to facilitate confident investment decisions...

Every single day, there are over 92,000 new articles and 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data (Forbes) added to the internet... That’s so much content, it would take the average person 2,273 years to read!

That’s why we created TC Market Buzz. Its proprietary natural language algorithms sift through the massive amount of professional news articles, social media posts and individual blogs published online every day to provide a concise, accurate view of any given instrument.In an instant, you gain a reliable view on the crowd’s impact on an investment idea and can follow the discussion easily.


Award-winning AI meets leading curated news

The Moody’s Analytics NewEdge™ Feed solution curates information from over 19,000 global content sources, including newswires, press releases, newspapers, blogs, websites, and more, providing comprehensive coverage of the companies, industries and events impacting the market.

The NewsEdge NLP (natural language processing) enrichment engine enhances each story with metadata such as entity, subject, industry, sentiment, trading impact and event codes, all in real time, to give users timely insights into news and events that can affect investment strategies.

The inclusion of Moody's Analytics’ content in the TC Market Buzz product promises your investors timely, fact-checked news from today's top news sources.

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