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Trading Central's disruptive Economic Insight product enables retail traders to finally benefit from economic data releases - for the first time ever. Arm traders with the tools they need to monitor, anticipate and act on market-moving events. Though powerful impact and volatility tools, Economic Insight offers Volatility Insights and a Trade Set-Up feature allowing traders to enter a Buy/Sell ticket with take profit and stop loss levels directly from your calendar into your order book!

Economic Insight enables traders to make timely and educated decisions. Meanwhile, its transparent, interactive and mobile-friendly experience fulfills your customers’ hunger for rich data insights and transparency.

Generate trade activity with a clear call-to-action.

TC Economic Insight’s “trade set-up” feature offers a clear sense of direction, enabling traders to easily configure the right risk/reward scenario for an FX pair and act accordingly!
Volatility insights are easy to spot as you scroll along the calendar, guiding traders deeper into the research where they can easily build their trade. Traders will see the corresponding take profit or stop loss they’d incur and after tweaking to their own personal preference, can copy those levels to your order page and place a trade!

SEO-friendly content for your public website. 

In an effort to increase traffic to your website and improve customer conversions, we’ve made it possible to showcase a free teaser of the tool’s features on your public website. Traders can stay up to date with basic calendar and pricing chart features while premium research stays locked, prompting traffic to “sign in” or “make an account” if they want to learn more.

Get reminders using the "Add to Calendar" feature.

Investors can easily add an upcoming event to their own personal calendar, helping to ensure they never miss a trade opportunity.

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