TC Market Buzz & Technical Views Integration

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Combine award-winning technical analysis and news analytics all in one view!

Nothing in financial markets takes place in a vacuum, which is why we've made it incredibly simple for today's investors to see technical and sentiment analysis, along with the news performance of a financial instrument in all one place!

The concise, technical trading plans loved by millions of investors globally in Technical Views can be integrated into your trading platform through the dashboard of our AI newsdesk TC Market Buzz. This integration makes it simple for investors to get a quality, high level overview of how a financial instrument is performing.

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Identify an instruments directional outlook.

On the Discover Page, investors have the option to filter financial instruments using Technical Views analytics. Based on the colour of the instrument's bubble, investors can identify whether the directional outlook is bullish, bearish or neutral at a glance.

The interactive interface helps to keep investors engaged. They can easily hover over any financial instrument and view the number of current news publications and it's split between news articles and social media posts.


Access the TC Market Buzz entity dashboard.

The Buzz dashboard offers investors a high level overview of a financial instrument, showing them both the directional price trend and the news volume, with the option to click through and open the full Technical Views analysis.