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Trading Central's suite of embeddable apps & APIs deliver engaging, actionable insights through an award-winning fusion of proprietary AI analytics, beautiful user interfaces and senior analyst expertise. Our machine learning algorithms and patented pattern recognition are constantly scanning the market, providing continuous coverage of cryptos globally.

As a one-stop-shop for technical, fundamental, economic and sentiment analysis, we'll help you grow in a manner that's affordable and scalable.

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Beautiful UIs

Our modern, mobile-friendly user interfaces will keep your traders engaged & active across your platform.

Affordable AI

Show traders you're innovating with our machine learning algorithms and automated analytics.

Personalized Insights

Empower traders of all skill levels to take control of their investments by providing personalized insights in the moments that matter.

24/7 Global Coverage

Offer your traders coverage of stocks, FX, ETFs, Indices, Options & more 24 hours a day across 85 markets

Actionable Insights

Empower traders of all skill levels to take control of their investments by providing actionable insights in the moments that matter.

Beautiful UIs

Our modern, mobile-friendly user interfaces will keep your traders engaged & active across your platform.

Affordable AI

Show traders you're innovating with our machine learning algorithms and automated analytics.

24/ 7 Global Coverage

Offer your traders coverage of cryptos 24 hours a day.

Explore news & sentiment insights.

Help traders make timely, confident trade decisions with access to a reliable news portal that will help them identify trending topics and discover new trade ideas.

Our AI news desk TC Market Buzz uses proprietary natural language algorithms to crunch and collect the massive amount of professional news articles, social media posts and individual blogs published online to provide a concise, accurate view of a cryptocurrency.  With access to reliable, fact-checked news, traders can stay up-to-date on trending topics helping them time their trades and manage risk.

TC Market Buzz news partners include Reuters news, Benzinga, Yahoo Finance and more!

Buzz Meter & Split

Traders can explore how much "buzz" a crypto is attracting and how this is split across social and news spheres.


Most Discussed Topics

We rank the top discussion topics for every financial instrument making it easy for traders to follow the discussion early.

Actionable event detection

Buzz detects over 300 types of news events such as earnings, dividends, new product releases and price movement.

1. Interact and explore using the discovery tab!

Here, you have a full view of all the cryptos being discussed online... The larger the bubble, the more "chatter" there is on that topic.

2. Access the Buzz newsdesk.

Sift through the Buzz newsdesk for a more traditional view of the latest breaking news.

3. View the Buzz Dashboard.

Click through on any crypto to the dashboard. Here traders will find analytics including the overall news volume, the news split and trending discussion topics.

This is also where you''ll find integrated our Analyst Views analytics. Analyst Views provides traders key levels, clear trend lines and an overall view of an instruments technical scenario.

Use sentiment analytics to time your trades.

Analyzing the sentiment across news and social media platforms can be used as an early signal of future price fluctuations in a cryptocurrency.

TC Crowd Insight uses sentiment analytics to provide traders a better understanding of how the public feels about a cryptocurrency. Through the use of three powerful indicators, traders have the data points they need to better understand how cryptos are being driven by emotion.


Unique insight into how the crowd feels, ranging from "very positive" to "very negative".


How rational or irrational the crowd's opinion of an entity is.


Based on the volume of news evidence, how much weight should the sentiment score carry?

1. Interact with potential trade ideas on the discovery tab!

Sort cryptos on the discovery tab using sentiment analytics. Based on the colour of the bubble, easily identify which financial instruments have a positive, negative or neutral sentiment.

Traders can hover over any instrument bubble for a more detailed view.

2. View the analytics under the Sentiment tab.

Understand how the public feels about a crypto based on the Sentiment, Subjectivity & Confidence. Traders can also view how the Sentiment Score compares to the crypto's market price over time.

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The industry's favorite signals to manage trades

Due to the unique nature of crypto volatility, traders need ways to manage their risk and time their trades. Our flagship technical analysis products bring award-winning insights to traders of all skill levels in key moments, helping them make confident decisions.

TC partners such as TradingViewCosaic allow for seamless deployment of interactive, modernized charts. Offer clear trend lines, key levels and an instruments technically scenario at a glance through our Analyst Views analytics.

We understand your customers’ journey

Our founders, leaders and core innovators come from diverse backgrounds on the trading floor, guiding online brokerage product strategy teams, user experience and more. Our tools are specifically designed to touch on and solve every pain-point felt by both you and your investing customers.

Discover the power of finance

Explore how popular news drive the markets
Trading Central's video channels and analyst blogs act as a great entry point for investors of all skill-levels by delivering topical, actionable insight outside traditional trading platforms. Meanwhile, our newsdesk and analytics help solve the infobesity plaguing investors by letting them know what they should read and how it's driving change for their investments.

Identify new investment ideas

Drilling down with personal preferences
From directional trend, value score, popular patterns, earnings dividend yield and more, our powerful screeners and personalizable filters enable your investors to identify opportunities that match their unique trading style. Here's the top TC tools for identifying trade ideas:

Evaluate opportunities

Begin building your strategy with suitable candidates
With portfolio strategy backtesting, value indicators and a transparent view of emerging price patterns, Trading Central tools make it easy for your investors to evaluate trade ideas and build the right investment strategy for them. Here are the top TC tools for evaluating ideas:

Check the charts & get a
second opinion

Discover where prices may be heading
Your investors can discover potential price direction by reviewing our charting analysis or see how their opinion lines up with Trading Central experts with:

Planning a trading strategy

Check the key levels and place orders!
With support and resistance levels, stop loss and expert-derived trading plans, Trading Central has the tools your investors need to plan their entry and exit prices.

Monitor positions

Keep an eye on portfolio movement
Set your investing customers up for success! Offering them TC tools makes it simple to keep tabs on changing prices, track trailing stops and key corporate news through alerts!

Highly customizable to match your business!

Our rich analytics are ready to be matched to your business needs.

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