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Compact insights to support all your research needs.

Our online broker solutions deliver engaging, actionable insight through an award-winning fusion of proprietary AI analytics, beautiful user interfaces and senior analyst expertise. Our machine learning algorithms and patented pattern recognition are constantly scanning the market, providing continuous coverage of global instruments.

As a one-stop-shop for technical, fundamental, economic and sentiment analysis, we'll help you grow in a manner that's affordable and scalable.

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Showcase innovation instantly.

Empower investors to find new trade opportunities as they explore lists of instruments through your Discovery page, powered by Strategy Builder's Topical Themes, Preset Screens and Expert Strategies.

Based on popular business gurus, TC analysts and the latest trending topics, Strategy Builder's Topical Themes allow investors to invest in what inspires them and is the first step to creating a rich, layered investing experience within your brokerage app. 

We have a robust application to accompany our analytics, enabling a powerful progressive disclosure of rich data to support investors of all skill levels.

A simple, panoramic view of financial performance

Validate & time trades using technical analysis.
The Technical Summary Score enables investors to easily identify the directional outlook of a financial instrument as either bullish, bearish or neutral across short to long time frames, communicating key directional information at a glance!

Empower investors of all skill levels to optimize their trading strategies through actionable technical insights, offering concise support in the moments that matter.
The future of fundamentals
Help your users make sense of the overwhelming amount of information online using concise, actionable data visualizations. Proprietary algorithms such as Quantamental Rating, Nowcasting and the Target Price provide high level summaries, allowing users to click thru to layered data and education.

Find new ideas using fundamental and technical analysis to screen, build and test  investment strategies in Strategy Builder. Lists of instruments based on Topical Themes such as 5G, Autonomous Vehicles capture and engage users!
Offer a refreshing, new perspective for investors to validate trade opportunities. 
Empower investors to read less, but know more with news and sentiment analytics. Keep traders up to date on the latest market-moving events with user-relevant and fact-checked stories based on buzzing topics.

Sentiment indicators enable investors to understand how the public feels about a certain financial instrument. For example, does the public feel positively or negatively about Apple’s new product release? Guide investors through volatile markets using three new innovative indicators: Sentiment, Subjectivity and Confidence.
Empower traders act and find success in today’s markets.
Arm traders with the tools they need to monitor, anticipate and act on market-moving events using real-time, macro-economic data. With over 115 FX charts mapped to different economic events, traders can monitor their pair and use powerful impact and volatility analytics to act and place trades confidently.

Allows for simple delivery and acquisition

Reach your customers with topics they care about, through channels they frequently use:

Easy Social Media

Attract new investors by showcasing premium, independent research. Our pages pull together resources for different TC services such as newsletter signups, links to your platform, and promotional product videos.

Short Video News

Educate your investors on trading fundamentals and how to harness TC products to optimize their trading strategies with our ready-to-launch user guides and video tutorials!

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SEO-Friendly Content

We have all the resources you need to make your business’ promotional dreams come true… Explore our product descriptions, animated screen captures, and recommended PPC keywords.

We understand your customers’ journey

Our founders, leaders and core innovators come from diverse backgrounds on the trading floor, guiding online brokerage product strategy teams, user experience and more. Our tools are specifically designed to touch on and solve every pain-point felt by both you and your investing customers.

Discover the power of finance

Explore how popular news drive the markets
Trading Central's video channels and analyst blogs act as a great entry point for investors of all skill-levels by delivering topical, actionable insight outside traditional trading platforms. Meanwhile, our newsdesk and analytics help solve the infobesity plaguing investors by letting them know what they should read and how it's driving change for their investments.

Identify new investment ideas

Drilling down with personal preferences
From directional trend, value score, popular patterns, earnings dividend yield and more, our powerful screeners and personalizable filters enable your investors to identify opportunities that match their unique trading style. Here's the top TC tools for identifying trade ideas:

Evaluate opportunities

Begin building your strategy with suitable candidates
With portfolio strategy backtesting, value indicators and a transparent view of emerging price patterns, Trading Central tools make it easy for your investors to evaluate trade ideas and build the right investment strategy for them. Here are the top TC tools for evaluating ideas:

Check the charts & get a
second opinion

Discover where prices may be heading
Your investors can discover potential price direction by reviewing our charting analysis or see how their opinion lines up with Trading Central experts with:

Planning a trading strategy

Check the key levels and place orders!
With support and resistance levels, stop loss and expert-derived trading plans, Trading Central has the tools your investors need to plan their entry and exit prices.

Monitor positions

Keep an eye on portfolio movement
Set your investing customers up for success! Offering them TC tools makes it simple to keep tabs on changing prices, track trailing stops and key corporate news through alerts!

Highly customizable to match your business!

Our rich analytics are ready to be matched to your business needs.

  • Global, multi-asset coverage
  • Flexible delivery options including API and iframe
  • 32 languages available